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Re-imagining the Silk Road: Chinese Investments in the Balkans

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This CritCom special feature examines various aspects of the growing Chinese investments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Re-imagining the Silk Road: Chinese Investments in the Balkans – Introduction
Bela Belojevikj introduces this new feature on Chinese initiatives in the Balkans.
Deconstructing the Sino-Serbian ‘Bridge of Friendship’: Discerning Dominant Chinese Logics and Geopolitical Implications
Graham Hollinshead on the motives and implications of one project.
Chinese Foreign Policy and Economic Involvement in SEE
Yanko V. Yordanov analyzes the Chinese strategies informing expanded investment and cooperation in Southeastern Europe. 
Chinese Infrastructure Investments in Serbia: Between Politics and Profit
Dragan Pavlićević examines the Sino-Serbian relationship and reminds us that the financial feasibility of projects is a central concern.
A Tale of Two Ports: The Epic Story of Chinese Direct Investment in the Greek Port of Piraeus
Sophie Meunier looks at the development of a key Greek port project as a case study for Chinese investment in Europe.
The Chinese Presence in Greece: Facts and Complexities
Pantelis Sklias analyzes the development of Sino-Greek economic and political relations.

16+1 Framework and Economic Relations Between China and CEEC
Kong Tianping looks at the development of Chinese investments in countries in the so-called “16+1 Framework.”
Chinese Investment in the Balkans
Wade Jacoby provides a detailed account of the locations and types of investments Chinese firms are making in Eastern Europe.
Vangeli thumbnailMacedonia’s Crisis: A Challenge for the New Silk Road?
Anastas Vangeli considers the potential consequences of Macedonian political upheavals on international partnerships and investment.


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