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From Class to Identity

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From Class to Identity: The Politics of Education Reforms in Former Yugoslavia, by Jana Bacevic (Central European University Press, 2014).

Jana Bacevic provides an innovative analysis of education policy-making in the processes of social transformation and post-conflict development in the Western Balkans. Based on case studies of educational reform in the former Yugoslavia – from the decade before its violent breakup to contemporary efforts in post-conflict reconstruction – From Class to Identity tells the story of the political processes and motivations underlying each reform.

The book moves away from technical-rational or prescriptive approaches that dominate the literature on education policy-making during social transformation, and offers an example on how to include the social, political and cultural context in the understanding of policy reforms. It connects education policy at a particular time in a particular place with broader questions such as: What is the role of education in society? What kind of education is needed for a ‘good’ society? Who are the ‘targets’ of education policies (individuals/citizens, ethnic/religious/linguistic groups, societies)? Bacevic shows how different answers to these questions influence the contents and outcomes of policies.

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