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Reviews & Critical Commentary (CritCom; ISSN 2327-2791) is a research-based, online forum of critical review, informed commentary, and public discussion. The site focuses on topics in European history, society and politics, and is aimed at an educated, interdisciplinary audience interested in European affairs. The goal of the forum is to facilitate the dissemination and assessment of high-quality research on Europe, as well as to provide a suitable space for the discussion of that research and its importance.


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Reviews & Critical Commentary is an online publication of the Council for European Studies (CES), the leading international organization for the study of Europe.  For more information about the Council and its work, visit:

CritCom Editorial Committee:

Politics  & Government
Malcolm Campbell-Verduyn, McMaster University
Julian Garritzmann, University of Konstanz
Maria Habanikova, University of Ottawa
Mauro Santaniello, University of Salerno

Jennifer Carroll, University of Washington
Senem Kaptan, Rutgers University
Kelly McKowen, Princeton University

Leah Goldman, University of Chicago
Sarah Griswold, New York University
Nicholas Ostrum, Stony Brook University
Joseph Passaro, Fordham University, Chair

Economics & Employment
Chiara Benassi, Royal Holloway University of London
Courtney McNamara, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Irina Ciornei, University of Bern

Defense Studies
Amir Magdy Kamel, King’s College London

Helene Ducros, University of Leicester

English Literature
Colleen Cusick, CUNY Graduate Center


Executive Editor: Nicole Shea (Council for European Studies)

Editor: Katrine Øgaard Jensen (Council for European Studies)