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Timothy Snyder on Modern European History: A Global Framework from Eastern Experience

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Timothy Snyder, Bird White Housum Professor of History at Yale University and a Permanent Fellow at the IWM, on how the view from just beyond the eastern border of the European project can help us understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of the European Union. Event held 06/16/2015. Video courtesy of IWM Vienna on YouTube.


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    Timothy Snyder’s comments may be received with greater sympathy in Austria since it was associated with the lands of Eastern Europe during its elegant history. The small number of Americans who have studied Western Civilization at the university level, however, will be mystified. Eastern European states are barely a footnote in such courses. The majority who lack even that experience will have no context with which to grasp Snyder’s thesis. One can only hope that policymakers at the heart of the next US administration are able to surmount the deficiencies of their preparation and countrymen to understand and act on the insights presented here.

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