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Over the European Rainbow

🕔07.May 2014


A CritCom special feature on the status of LGBT people in Europe today, covering issues like same-sex marriage, gay adoption, religious and political responses to sexual and gender diversity, human rights and  anti-gay violence, LGBT activism in post-communist Europe, and more.

Over the European Rainbow: Sexual and Gender
Minorities in Europe (Editor’s Note)

Michael Stambolis-Ruhstorfer and Casiana Ionita introduce CritCom’s fascinating new feature on LGBTQ issues in Europe. 

Christian Trouble: The Catholic Church and
the Subversion of Gender

David Paternotte discusses the contrary currents in the Catholic Church’s response to sexual and gender minorities in Europe. 

Living with Prajd: LGBTQ Activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alex Cooper observes and describes the many challenges facing LGBTQ activists in contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sexual Minority Rights and ‘Religious Clauses’
of Conscience: The UK Case
Stephen Hunt examines the responses of religious authorities in the UK to recent efforts to legalize same-sex marriage.

Same-Sex Unions in Europe: Some Observations on European Diversity
Maks Banens looks at different approaches to same-sex marriage in Europe and what they say about attitudes toward sexual minorities. 

Post-Marriage LGBT Politics in Spain
Kerman Calvo Borobia explains why Spain’s LGBT movement is now struggling after having achieved marriage equality.

Confronting New European Opposition to LGBT
People’s Human Rights

Joël Le Déroff provides an activist’s view of the issues and describes the many new challenges now facing LGBTQ Europeans. 

Italian LGBT Activism Confronts Some Political
Inopportunity Structures
Massimo Prearo discusses the setbacks which have plagued the Italian LGBT movement and the political forces behind them. 

From EU-induced Institutional Change to Normative Change: When Organizations Matter
Koen Slootmaeckers assesses the impact of EU integration on attitudes toward LGBTQ people in central and eastern Europe.

What Might a Queer Critique of Homonormalization and Homonationalism in Flanders Look Like?
Bart Eeckhout asks whether one can apply concepts like “homonormalization” and “homonationalism” to Flanders. 
(Un)fit Citizens, (Un)fit Parents? The Rights of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals in Portugal
Ana Maria Brandão and Tânia Cristina Machado discuss the triumphs and challenges of the Portuguese LGBT movement.
Gays in the Neighborhood? European Attitudes about Homosexuality a Quarter Century after the Fall of the Soviet Union
Judit Takács and Ivett Szalma give us hard facts about social attitudes toward LGBTQ people in eastern Europe and elsewhere. 

Weak Pegs: The Media’s Discourse on Homophobia and Polish Migration to the UK
Nicholas Boston on the intersection of media, immigration, and LGBT rights in the United Kingdom.

The Power of Kinship: Coming Out to One’s Family
of Origin in Hungary

Rita Béres-Deák discusses the experiences and expectations of LGBTQ Hungarians coming out to family. 

Where Does the Rainbow Shine Brightest: Comparing the Status of LGBT People in Europe and the U.S. Today
Michael Stambolis-Ruhstorfer examines the legal and social status of LGBT in Europe and across the pond.
The Rise of the Extreme Right in Europe: The Gender and Sexuality Dimensions of Anti-Immigrant Discourse
Kathryn Lum and Géraldine Renaudière on far-right attitudes towards gender and LGBT equality.