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Je Suis Musulman: European Muslims after Charlie Hebdo

🕔11.Aug 2015


A CritCom special feature on freedom, citizenship and the lives of European Muslims in the wake of violent attacks on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Muslims and Citizenship in Western Europe – An Introduction
John Bowen introduces CritCom’s new feature on European Muslims, the Charlie Hebdo attack and the implications of both for European identity and diversity.
All is Forgotten: The (Muslim Algerian) History of the Laïc French Republic
Todd Shepard on France’s colonial rule over Algeria.
The January 2015 Attacks and the Debate on Deprivation of Citizenship in France
Nora El Qadim discusses the debate on dual citizenship in France in the wake of Charlie Hebdo.
The Lack of Symbolic Integration of Islam in Europe, as Illustrated by the Charlie Hebdo Attacks
Jocelyne Cesari analyzes the conflict between secularization and Muslim integration.
Historicizing Antiracism and Racism in Post-Colonial France
Jim House on how France’s colonial past weighs on its present
Islamophobia and the Darkness of Western Europe
Tahir Abbas criticizes increasing islamophobic tendencies in Western Europe.

The Diversity of Muslims in France Pre- and Post-Charlie Hebdo
Understanding the diversity of the French Muslim community is key to combating xenophobia, explains Erik Bleich.
Je Suis Une Muslimah: The Battle between Freedom and Repression
Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor interviewed several young, Muslim women in Europe about their lives.
A View From the Margins of the Banlieue: The Social Exclusion of Salafi Muslim women
Political apathy is an effect of discrimination towards Salafi women, according to Z. Fareen Parvez.
Moderating Terror: The Relevance of the Paris Attacks for Islam in Germany
Could Charlie Hebdo happen in Germany as well? Yes and No, according to Tilman Lanz
Why ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Is Not about Free Speech
Marcel Maussen suggests a re-framing of the debate triggered by the Charlie Hebdo attack.
Two Trolls Feeding Each Other: The Baleful Relationship between Islamophobia and ‘Jihadism’
Fernando Bravo López on the main target of Muslim terror: other Muslims.