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Greece, Financialization and the EU

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Greece, Financialization and the EU: The Political Economy of Debt and Destruction, by Vassilis Fouskas and Constantine Dimoulas (Palgrave MacMillan, 2013).

When the global financial crisis spread to Europe and its weak periphery through the banking sector, few contemplated that the real causes of the crisis did not reside only in the faulty architectures of globalisation and European integration but also in a pronounced power-shift to the ‘global East’. The authors connect the ‘local’ with the ‘global’, and the ‘local’ with the ‘European’. In this context, Fouskas and Dimoulas scrutinize the financial, geopolitical and historical underpinnings of the current Greek debt crisis that threatens not just the cohesion of the European Union, but the entire security architecture of the Euro-Atlantic world. By identifying the ‘debt problem’ as being one of the ‘birthmarks’ of Greece passed by the country’s one hegemonic master onto another, they challenge the current half-truths about the contemporary debt crisis in Greece and the Euro-zone.


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