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Flemish Nationalism and the Great War

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Flemish Nationalism and the Great War: The Politics of Memory, Visual Culture and Commemoration, by Karen Shelby (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014).

Flemish Nationalism and the Great War addresses the IJzertoren Memorial, dedicated to the dead Flemish soldiers of the Great War, and two pilgrimages that are interconnected with this memorial site, the IJzer Pilgrimage and the IJzerwake. The signs and symbols of Flemish nationalism, as articulated in the memorial and during the pilgrimage programs, have been manipulated in this nearly one hundred year period to serve a diversity of nationalisms in Flanders. Karen Shelby examines these symbols in relationship to the history of the IJzertoren and the two pilgrimages as well as the Museum aan de IJzer, which is housed in the interior of the IJzertoren Memorial. Flemish Nationalism and the Great War analyses the visual culture in relation to the social, political and nationalist implications of the Flemish Movement.

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