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European Union Human Rights Law

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European Union Human Rights Law: The Dynamics of Interpretation and Context, by Marton Varju (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2014).

The European Union’s jurisprudence is responsible for a complex body of human rights law which pursues a busy, multi-tiered agenda and is essential for the lawful and effective operation and development of the EU polity and its legal order. This innovative book investigates the character of EU human rights law as shaped by the interplay between interpretation and context in the jurisprudence of EU courts.

Marton Varju offers a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of EU human rights case law. Providing a comprehensive analytical framework for the jurisprudence he sheds new light on key EU constitutional principles and reveals the complex character of the legal analysis. He distinguishes between different applications of human rights to reveal the ‘relational’ character of EU human rights law. Examining the interpretative considerations and practices followed by EU courts in their human rights jurisprudence, the author discusses their impact on the protection of human rights in the difficult constitutional and governance terrain of the EU.

Identifying the considerations and agendas behind EU human rights law which should be taken into account in EU litigation, this unique and timely book will be of great interest to practitioners in the field and is essential reading for academics and postgraduate students in EU constitutional law.

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