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Europe and Its Interior Other(s)

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Europe and Its Interior Other(s), edited by Helge Vidar Holm, Sissel Laegreid, and Torgeir Skorgen (Aarhus University Press, 2014).

Who were and who are the European Other(s), and how have their socio-cultural circumstances been aesthetically expressed and discussed in works of literature and art in European history?

Members of the interdisciplinary group of researchers “The Borders of Europe” address these questions and shed new light on the notion of European transnational identity, self-conscience and exclusion. Making a mental, space-time journey across and beyond Europe’s borders ─ moving from medieval times to the present, from Istanbul to the northernmost tip of Norway ─ the authors show how the dangerous dynamics of “Othering”, estrangement, intolerance and hatred have become an inherent part of the continent’s history.

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