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EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

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A CritCom special feature on the current regional policy of the European Union for the 2014-2020 funding period.


EU Cohesion Policy: The Debate on the 2014–2020 Programming Period (Editor’s Note)

Nicola Francesco Dotti introduces CritCom’s comprehensive new feature on the new regional policy in the European Union.
Why Europe’s New Cohesion Policy is Unlikely to Enhance the Effectiveness of EU Structural and Investment Funds
Adam William Chalmers and Lisa Maria Dellmuth discuss the EU Cohesion Policy’s effects on ESIF.
The Role of the European Parliament in the Reform of EU Cohesion Policy
Simone Reinhart explores the European Parliament’s role in the adoption of the new legislation on Cohesion Policy.
Dotti thumbnailToward Re-Centralization? A “Hidden” Challenge for the European Union Regional Policy
Nicola Francesco Dotti and Rocco Luigi Bubbico argue in favor of a place-based policy considering regional and local specificities.
Dabrowski featured imageEU Cohesion Policy’s Financial Instruments for Urban Development: Fit for Purpose?
Marcin Dąbrowski investigates the impact of JESSICA as a financial tool for supporting urban development.
New Prospects for Cohesion Policy 2014–2020 in Portugal: Caught between Promises of Economic Recovery and the Limits of a Centralized State
Sandrina Ferreira Antunes on the contradiction between regional development and centralization in Portugal.
Defining “the City” in the Setting of 2014-2020 Cohesion Policy? Learning from the Ongoing Italian Urban Agenda
Simonetta Armondi discusses urban policies in Italy.
European Regional Policy in Romania
Romana Salageanu on the difficulties of implementing the Cohesion Policy in Romania.


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