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Dance and the Body in Western Theatre

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Dance and the Body in Western Theatre: 1948 to the Present, by Sabine Sörgel (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).

The mid to late twentieth century has been widely regarded as the century of the body, when philosophers, cultural critics, sociologists, and theatre historians spent a lot of time and energy locating, dissecting, and celebrating the body in performance. While the body appears in almost all cultural discourses, it is nowhere as visible or as exposed as in dance.

This book captures the resurgence of the dancing body since World War Two. Thought-provoking and easy to follow, the text provides students with several key phenomenological, kinaesthetic and psychological concepts relevant to both theatre and dance studies. Sabine Sörgel explores the work of major practitioners from the UK, US and Europe, supplementing her discussion with photographs to give students context and a deeper understanding of the performances. Study questions feature at the end of each chapter, providing a starting point for further research.

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