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All Eyes on Ukraine

🕔23.Apr 2014

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For this CritCom Briefing, the Editors have commissioned articles and assembled videos to explain recent events in Ukraine and the complex relationship between Russia and its near abroad.

Siblings Affairs: Russia’s Foreign Policy toward Belarus and Ukraine by Helena Yakovlev-Golani
A discussion of the continuities in Russian policy toward Belarus and Ukraine during the two presidencies of Vladimir Putin.  5/13/14

Active Measures: Separatism and Self-Determination in Russia’s Near Abroad 
by Michael Bobick
A discussion of the goals of the separatist forces in Ukraine and how Transnistria can help us understand Russian policy.  4/28/14
Ukraine and the Enigma of Defining Regions in a Borderland Zone by Catherine Wanner
An assessment of how Ukraine and Russia each define their national borders and its importance for regional identities.  4/28/14

The following videos published by leading research centers and think tanks feature expert commentary and opinion regarding recent events in Russia and the Ukraine.